Sunday, April 15, 2012

A day of rest is good

Finally. Round 2 is OVER. Kayla's fever seems to be at bay and her swelling is gone!

Kayla fought to smile here. Our little warrior. She had a few sips of soup too. Way to go Kayla!

All of the cultures came back negative. Tomorrow she will be able to come "home" after her G-CSF shot. Yep. Back to those again! Fun, fun. Denny and Kayla busied themselves decorating windows and playing today in between naps and other fun medical adventures!

Anthony, Donna and I enjoyed boxed seats at the Redbirds game. It was fun! I still can't believe that they charge $25 for nacho's in there when you can just walk out a door and down the hall and get them for $5  Do people REALLY pay those prices??

Anthony had a blast!

Me and my boy. My eyes tell the story of a mom who just watched an 11 year old "healthy" girl sing the national anthem beautifully.
 The mascot visited the floor during the game. Anthony was SO excited!
Our private boxed seats ... all to ourselves. I have never sat in boxed seats in my life. Kind of cool! Would be cooler if my mind wasn't spinning.

After the game, we decided to walk around a bit. Heck, we paid for parking.... we better get out and see what the buzz is around town right? We went to the Peabody Hotel and fought for a view to see the famous ducks. Anthony was able to wiggle himself through the crowd to sit front and center "criss cross apple sauce" to see the ducks parade on by down the red carpet. I would have posted pics but I couldn't see one duck. Promise. Sometimes being 5'2" is really hard. Everyone in front of us was really tall. At least Anthony saw them. We know now that if we visit, it will be when Kayla's counts are HIGH because the crowd is clueless and brutal. 

We walked toward the famous Beale street. It was dirty, stinky and hot. Lots of people sneezing and coughing. I wish I could wear a huge sign. PLEASE don't touch me. Please don't cough in our direction. Makes me miss the bubble of St. Jude.  This looked fun though. Check out this ride! Only $45 for a 30 minute ride... is it a bargain or not?

If you look close, you will see a dog............... see it?

Beale St.  Been there. Done that. Seen it. Don't need to see it again! Whoa. Just whoa.  Anthony said he doesn't want to go back ever again because it's too loud and too many people have that stinky smoke fire coming out of them. haha! 

Tomorrow, Kayla will be released to come "home". Donna and I searched for a place for her to stay while she is here that is affordable. Target house is VERY strict on their 4 person to a room rule. So, she just needs a place to rest her head at the end of the day. We found a near-by hostel that is only $15 per night. It's a bunk bed situation, but Donna is up for it. She is just thrilled that she will be able to afford to stay past my birthday (the 21st). I am SO happy! It will be awesome to spend my birthday with her here with us!

We are thinking Donna and Anthony should spend the day at the zoo tomorrow. That way,  I can hang at the hospital with Denny and Kayla to wait for her release. This way, they can have FUN! We will figure it all out.  Just so glad Donna is here. So wishing the sleeping arrangements here were more flexible. It's ok! Just so glad to be HERE.  So grateful........ so so so grateful.


  1. So happy Kayla is done with round 2!! She is the strongest girl I know. Miss you guys. -Kerry S.

  2. Okay, time to EXHALE!!!! Love you so much!