Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Round Two!

Ding! Ding! Ding! It's time......

Tonight at 8:00pm, Kayla was admitted back inpatient to receive her 2nd round of Chemo. She didn't seem too concerned about it because she knows what to expect now.  Kayla will receive fluids tonight to make sure she is well hydrated as well as another blood transfusion. I know that will make her feel a little better tomorrow.  Remember, getting blood is GOOD. I relate it to a vampire starving and lethargic. They get blood and are energized and have super strength. In a strange way, that's how it is. Minus the fangs! ;) So, fluids start at 10:00pm. Blood transfusion will be given at midnight. (see, true vampire status there) Vitals at 12:00 and 4:00am. Blood Pressure checks will be every two hours for four hours after blood is given. Her Chemo will start at 8:00 am. 

There was one change this round though. The 2nd floor (BMT) where Kayla had her first round is closed off to incoming patients. We found out today why.  Two kids ended up getting Legionella infections. So, they shut the floor down until they can be sure it's safe. I am glad they are taking every precaution. It's so scary! They tell us to avoid construction areas (when outside) and forests. Anything with a lot of dust or wood because of bacteria and molds.  We are just grateful that we weren't inpatient during that!! Yikes. SO, she is on the 2nd floor of the main hospital now. Right next to the library. Kayla is excited about that! She says forget the play room... You will find me in the library. Love that girl!!!

Tomorrow, Donna arrives! I am SO excited to see her!!!! Kayla was really bummed that she was coming while she is inpatient but quickly understood why we are doing it this way. She will be SO helpful to have around. Plus, she can stay here with Anthony and I at the Target House. They have a very strict 4 person to a room policy here. So, while Denny and Kayla are inpatient, she can stay here and not have to shell out money for a hotel! It's a win/win. :)  We did learn another plus to being in the hospital side while inpatient. **Anthony is allowed in!!!! We still aren't sure if that is a good or bad thing. I thought the whole reason was to lesson the germs. I won't worry about it. It will be SO wonderful to all be able to visit with Kayla and be there for her. I also think it might be good for Anthony to see Kayla like that so he understands better why she has been so spoiled. Sometimes it's really hard to be the 4 year old brother to Kayla! He understands so much though. He was really sad after we dropped them off tonight. I told him we only have to do this two more times after this (unless she ends up inpatient for a fever or other reasons). He then explained to me in his "Anthony" way that if we didn't come to "Thanks Jude" (that's what he calls it) Kayla wouldn't live very long. He said he will miss her now so he doesn't have to miss her later. So so smart..... Yes. This is why we are here. This is why we will heal as a family. Thank you St. Jude for being here. Thank you Danny Thomas for your dream that "no child should die in the dawn of life". Thank you for treating the whole family....... We are eternally grateful!

Now. Let's kick some cancer booty!

** update: Just found out they are treating Kayla's room like a transplant (just like over in the chili's side). Anthony will not be allowed in her room. He can however be on the floor... so, if she comes out, we can see her. We will make it work. Thankful for Donna coming just in time :)


  1. Good Luck everyone for Round 2, ESPECIALLY YOU, KAYLA!!!!

    We're all with you in spirit and in our hearts. It will be easier this time, since you know what to expect. Love the pics, especially the second one.
    Annie, can you email me that one? It's so GOOD of the two of them! :)

    Thank you Donna for being there. You're an angel to our family. So giving and loving......just what the doctor ordered!

    I love you all so very much, and miss you even more!


  2. All best wishes for smooth journey through Round Two! Please thank Angel Donna for her extraordinary friendship and care...which really helps us all, knowing she is there to lend a loving, experienced hand. We are with you in spirit! xxooAuntieAnn

  3. Annie! I am working on a special "thing" to give to you guys and after reading this blog, I just know you will love it!! I cannot wait until it's done so that I can send it to you. :) GOOOOO KAYLA!!! I love the pictures too. I absolutely adore the sibling love that comes through so beautifully. We miss you all so much and love you even more than that! ---Nicole

  4. Awwe. What cute pictures. Anthony and Kayla are both very smart. Its funny trying to explain things to kids, and what they come up with is priceless. I think kids are smarter than adults sometimes! Hope all goes well, and you guys continue to get through this<3

  5. What a GREAT post!!! And I love Anthony's explanation of "missing her now" so he won't have to "miss her later." Absolutely perfect, and so wise. Kids can define/explain things so perfectly sometimes, when us "grown ups" are struggling to find the right words. I came across the link to your blog on Facebook... I'm a sister-in-law of a sister-in-law.. whose maiden name (or maybe her mom's maiden name?) is Dehnert... I'll have to ask my connection again about the exact relation to your family (I don't think she replied to my first inquiry). Anyway! My sister-in-law just celebrated her 2-year anniversary ("re-birthday") of her bone marrow transplant for ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) on Feb. 10th. She's in her mid 30s and she is doing amazingly well right now; we really feel like there were true miracles going on.. miracles of modern medicine, of faith, of... trusting that All would be Well, one way or another. So far, so good!! One moment at a time is all we need to have strength for, right? Thanks for sharing Kayla's journey here, with family, friends, and "strangers who care" :-) I'll be thinking of you all and sending out good thoughts and special prayers! ~Rachel

  6. Wishing you tons of good luck for round 2!!!