Monday, November 14, 2011

Awesome testimony to Dr. Gupta

Hi everyone,

We have received so many incredible emails and stories about peoples personal experiences with Dr. Gupta and UCSF.  I found this particular email to be one of the best testimonies to this doctor and had to share. We are excited to have Kayla in such great hands!

"A friend of mine from work, Ian Sears’ (who is now working in NY) son Henry had a tumor removed from his brain a couple of years back, at UCSF. I sent Ian an email this weekend, inquiring about Henry and curious who his surgeon was.

Ian responded within the hour.  Ian’s family is very connected back East, and they almost took Henry there for treatment, but Dr. Gupta was recommended by their neurologist at CPMC as well as by a family friend of theirs, who was the Chief of Pediatric Neurology at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC - he suggested Dr. Gupta would be even better suited than himself to perform the operation …. A glowing recommendation.  Ian’s words to me were that Dr Gupta is an absolutely exceptional surgeon by reputation and a delightful human being to top it off.  Although he was sorry you all had to go thru this, he said there is no finer place to be than at UCSF and with Dr. Gupta."

I can't tell you how many emails like this we have received. These docs are some of the best in the world.

And off we go......... more updates later tonight!


  1. Good to know-it always helps to hear from others about their experiences. Thinking of you now and especially within the next few hours..

  2. She will be in amazing hands with the doctor and amazing hands with her parents! Sending good thoughts your way and mucho grande love. Texted with Den a bit today. Please let us know if we can come visit her tomorrow in UCSF!! Geoff and I are ready to go! We love you all so much.

  3. The power of networking with friends. Keeping you in our prayers

  4. Dear Annie - Altho I'm at Kaiser I've also heard wonderful things about Dr. Gupta. Stuart and I both send our love to you and the family. He personally knows a friend with a child who had what sounds like the exact same thing at about the same age. The child had surgery and recovered just fine. We will keep Kayla in our thoughts and hearts for the same result. With love, Cate

  5. Annie and Denny- We are thinking of you so much and sending you much love, light and positive energy right now. Kayla is a beautiful and strong girl and you are such a special family. We are thinking of and keeping Kayla in our prayers everyday. So much love.
    oxoxo Laura, Anderson, Jackson, Kingston and Ryder Page oxoxo

  6. Thinking of you and your precious Kayla. Praying that you will all rest tonight and thankful and praying for Dr. Gupta & his team. Sending love & hugs to each of you. Bobbie