Thursday, November 24, 2011

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Happy Thanksgiving!

So, A bunch of people have expressed a desire to send us things. Since this is a public blog, I don't feel comfortable sharing our home address for the world to see. However, I am happy to use my work address. You all are too kind! Thank you. Have a wonderful day with your families.

Attention: Annie
The Wright Salon
857 Grant Ave. Suite A
Novato, CA 94945


  1. Happy thanks giving!!!!! I am so happy things are getting better for today! I don't know if Kayla will even need this or not. But I was just thinking of this young teenager who was on the oncology unit I was on. She had the most beautiful wigs I have ever seen. She was really gorgeous. I could not even believe she had cancer. Its amazing what people can go through and still be so happy, optimistic, and carrying on in life. My mom and the rest of my family are trying to figure out what would be best to send you all. We hopefully will think of something great that is needed. Anyways if you had a minute at some point, can you post what is really needed right now for Kayla. Scarves and hats I saw you post so far. I am so happy she is in such a great hospital. Its amazing what they do for the kids, they actually make it so much fun to distract them. They even have music therapy and pet therapy. Its amazing! So glad today seems like such a great day for you all!! <3<3

  2. Annie and Denny - I am just learning about Kayla via mutual friends (we no longer live in the area). So sorry to hear the news and we are thinking of Kayla and your family. Please let us know of any opportunities to help out!

    Julie, Dave, Abby, & Ella Dulski

  3. Dear Annie,
    I was talking to one of my clients about sweet Kayla last week and
    she immediately grabbed something she had in her room and said "Give this to Kayla,
    I had with me for some reason It meant to be for her", then she
    wrote a beautiful card along with it. I will give it to Tamy on Saturday.