Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Update on commenting

I want to say thanks to my cousin Allison, I have changed the settings so now anyone can comment on this blog. Even those of you who don't have google accounts. Thank you for helping me figure that out!
Love you!!


  1. Kayla, You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. You are such a brave and beautiful young lady. God is with you and will take good care of you! Lots of prayers and Love!!

  2. Annie and Denny, When Kevin was little, I too went through some of these experiences. It's a trying time. Be sure to give Kayla a big hug from Uncle Kenny.
    If there is anything I can do to help with anything, please give me a call.

  3. Hi! My name is Evan. I'm 12 and Mrs.walker is my teacher; she is the best. I really hope you feel better I admire your bravery so much. It's really good if you're positive and it's awesome that you have Mrs. walker right by your side because she so supportive of you! She talked about you so much in class and everyone has you in their thoughts. Get well soon! Love Evan Curtice Ps. I'm a girl don't be fooled by my name lol

  4. Hi Kayla, Annie and Denny! This is Barb Curtice, Evan's mom typing now. We have been praying for you and all those surrounding you at UCSF. We know the hospital well from when my dad and Evan's grandfather had his surgery there in 2009. They are amazing and gifted teams of doctors, nurses and medical staff that care deeply and work diligently in support of your full recovery.

    It is a small world when we learned how connected we truly are. For years I would get my hair done by Patricia and facials from Tara and know your grandma Vicki and Aunt Tammy. I learned from a friend Elaina Wilkins that you are the Kayla that Evan's teacher, Tracy Walker, was so concerned about. As it turns out, my younger sister is Marie Rios, who you met at Tracy's wedding as the wedding planner ;-))

    So you see, so many ways that we are connected in life and there are so many people that you probably don't even know that are praying for your well being. We will continue to send up prayers and ask for God's miraculous hand in all that you are going through as a family. We are holding the vision that all will be well with Kayla and that she will be smiling again soon, playing with her cat and reading her favorite books again in school. We don't know why these things happen to children but we do know that Kayla is a very special young girl that carries a very important message of love.

    God bless you all!