Monday, November 14, 2011


Tonight I want to start by saying THANK YOU so much to all the heartfelt love and positive thoughts you all have been giving us. We feel it all. Even though we can't reply to all of you, know that we are reading every single message. You are all giving us more strength then you could ever possibly know.

Today we had such a wonderful and fun-filled day spent mostly at home. We did get to the 1l:00 church service though! It was a warm and love filled service where we were humbled again by all of the support we received there. Pastor Hess had a very special children's message where the kids who attended the later service with us all held hands around Kayla while a special prayer was said. It was so sweet and awesome. Kayla of course BEAMED the whole time. I think she's starting to like all this attention she is getting right now!

After that, Kayla's great friends Maggie & Audrey (they live 3 doors down from us) walked up and we all soaked up the sunshine. The kids were laughing and running around as if everything was totally normal. Then we remembered, IT IS. It really is. I think that Denny and I have been so scared that something in Kayla's personality will change after all of this is over, but I don't think that is possible. She is who she is. Nothing will change that! Nothing at all. If anything, she will be stronger and even more special.

Denny spent the afternoon trying to help kayla with some of the crafts she has received b/c she refuses to wait until the hospital stay. She is like a kid at Christmas over here. You have been too kind. STOP IT. She doesn't need a thing!!! ;) Seriously, thank you so much!

Ok. The "serious" update:
This afternoon Kayla had her first bout of double vision. She laughed and thought it was hysterical that I had two heads. Well, Denny and I just looked at each other horrified and then decided to laugh along with Kayla. She doesn't even realize that it's another symptom. We are SO glad tomorrow is Monday.

On that note, I am happy to report that Dr. Gupta emailed me tonight! He is arriving back at SF this evening. His team is waiting for us. We were told to expect a call in the morning. I can't thank Patty enough for putting in touch with him and getting this amazing doctor familiar with us and our case over a holiday weekend. Patty, THANK YOU!!!!

I promise to update you as soon as I know any more info. I am assured that there is a LONG slew of tests to do before anything can happen so that this incredible doctor can know how to best care for Kayla and what may heal her. Whether she comes home tomorrow night is still unsure to us. We have bags packed and are ready for what ever journey lies ahead.

I have heard that some of you are unable to comment. I believe people can only leave comments if you have google accounts. Am I correct? I am sorry for that. The last thing I want is to complicate this process.

Good night to our dear friends and families (and even those reaching out who we don't even know). We love you all!!!


  1. Another time to say WOW. Even though we're all very challenged, we all are becoming stronger in the face of adversity. This is all so incredible!

    Glad to see that life still goes on through all this news for you. And yes, Kayla is very strong (with or without this tumor) and forthright! So funny that she can't wait to do the crafts! I was wondering what to pick up for her to keep her "busy", but it sounds like your flock of angels already covered that part!

    I'm not sure who Patty is, but GOD BLESS THAT WOMAN. I strongly feel THAT was Divine Intervention. Helps put some of my worry to rest.

    Annie, this is the FIRST time that when leaving Las Vegas, I've felt that I can't wait to get HOME. Being far away when there's trouble in the family isn't good for a Neena & Baapaa!!

    The updates are great to hear; keep them coming!!

    Love you all & we both feel confident that Kayla is going to come out of this just fine. xoxo

  2. Thanks for the updates Annie. You have so many friends pulling for Kayla and all of you. You guys are great! Hope today brings lots of positive news!

  3. is another blog site that is easy to use for comments & updates. (

  4. Annie, you can change who can comment in Blogger. If you're logged in and viewing your blog, click on Design at the top right, then Settings tab, then Comments (the sub tab, not the big one) and in this tab you can change who can comment under "Who Can Comment?" to Anonymous and everyone can comment. Hope this helps! Allie

  5. OMG! Just heard last night! I've added Kayla on our church's prayer chain, and know first hand that the power of prayer, positive energy, and love will both support and sustain all of you. Affirm that Kayla and you n Denny are in great hands of the best MD's and staff...and in His Hands. Thank you for this blog to enable us to be kept informed. Remember to call on Kayla's and your own Angels---they will answer your prayers/needs too.

  6. Wanted people to know that CaringBridge is not just for updates on patients who are terminal, which had been Annie's experience. I have used it twice for children with brain tumors and both kids are doing fabulously well! Annie, with your blog you've set up an excellent way to keep all of us informed and provide a way we can get messages to you... thank you so much! You're all in our thoughts constantly. Love and hugs, Auntie Ann

  7. We are all thinking of you and sending you lots of love. Please let us know if there is anything at all that you need and we mean anything. Call us anytime if we can help.
    Wesley, Shoshannah, Zoe and Nathan