Friday, November 25, 2011

Me and Annie at my wedding in 2005
Hello! This is Allison Keech Sanka, Annie's cousin and a guest poster today. Annie and I grew up together when she lived in Pennsylvania - in fact, I actually babysat her from time to time! Thanks to the internet and Facebook, we have kept in touch and shared, laughed and marveled over our growing families. Annie and I have kids the same age, so the joy our children bring to our lives has been the topic of many emails and Facebook exchanges.

As all of you are, I am greatly inspired by Annie's positive view on life and her love for and dedication to her family. Even though I am across the country in Philadelphia, I wanted to help in some way, beyond sending words of encouragement and healing thoughts to Kayla. Many of you have also wondered how you can help.

I know from experience that having a seriously ill child strains your spirit and also your finances. Being the talented self-employed woman that she is, Annie will need to take a break from work to focus on Kayla's treatment. Without a doubt, this next piece of their journey brings added expenses as well as strain on their current ones. We can help her so she and Denny are not adding the worry of finances to their already heavy load.

I have set up a PayPal contribution button on the right of this blog. If you would like to send a monetary gift, simply click the button and follow the prompts of PayPal, a secure and trusted way to send money directly to the Dehnert family online via a credit card or directly (and securely) from your bank account. The greatest thing about this is the power in numbers. Gifts of $5, $10, $100 add up quickly to create a savings account to help them pay so many unforeseen expenses that come with this situation.

Annie, Denny, Kayla and Anthony are all in our hearts and minds. If you want to help, I welcome you to join me in doing so. Let's help Kayla and her family get through this!



  1. This is a grand idea! Thank you! Bless you! Mary and Frank Hoburg

  2. Awesome. Thanks for adding the donation button Allison!

  3. Great Idea! One option also, that I've seen to work wonders is Lots Of Helping Hands. You set up a calendar of needs (take anthony to school, groceries, meals), so you know just when there are gaps or not. Being that Annie is so technologically connected, i think this would be a wonderful tool over the next year. it's a website, and an email dist. is set up.

  4. Great idea!! Thanks for making it easy for us to figure out! Betty Criesco

  5. Thank you, Allie!
    Annie's Auntie Ann

  6. Hi Allie - this is Laura from Prive Products, one of Annie's vendors. Is it OK if we post this on our Facebook page to try to get more donations?