Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A new day

I can't thank you all enough for the outpouring of support, love, prayers, cards, flowers, emails, gifts, food, and socks! We love you all. Thank you so so much!
The View from Kayla's window. SO pretty at night!

Today was a good day. Kayla made HUGE progress. She was doing really well with her communication and her sense of humor made a come back. She had a few painful episodes. Daddy's hugs always make it better!
Getting Physical Therapy
One of the things that helped so much was a much needed shower. I carefully snipped the rubber bands from her hair. We picked out what pj's from home she wanted to wear after. Then Donna and I quickly and as thoroughly as possible got her clean! She cried a lot during, but we just talked her through every step reassuring her how great she would feel when it was all over. She kept yelling over and over, "my neck... owieeeee owwwwiiiiiiieeee my neck". I was so gentle, but we needed to get her clean. As soon as we were finished, we dried her off and put her in her own pj's. The relief on her face said it all. We had a very much needed visit by her brother Anthony today. Before I knew it, her eyes were rolling and they were true sister and brother as if nothing at all had changed. It was AWESOME to see.
Anthony even got to "help" check his sissy's stats with her nurse! Kayla thought it was really funny!
After they left, we decided to take a walk down the hall to visit the fish. There is a beautiful and huge fish tank on the 7th floor. It was totally clear to us that we need to get this girl home. She was a completely different person when the family dynamics came back into play. It was like night and day. She was cracking us up. Dr. Gupta came in this morning to tell us that she is looking great and that as much as he would love to send her home for Thanksgiving, it most likely would be Friday morning. I promised Kayla we would celebrate once she was home! I can't wait.........


  1. Dear Annie and Denny, our hearts and prayers have been with you. My name is Barb Curtice, and my daughter Evan is in Mrs Walker's class. Evan rallied many of the kids at school to create a banner for Kayla. Since then we have been connected with Kayla's journey through this blog and have come to find out about the many other connections we share through others that know and love Kayla - my sister, Marie Rios, who as the wedding planner remembers Kayla as the beautiful flower girl and a new friend Heidi Brecht who we met through our health club. It was through Olivia that the dots got further connected when I realized that I know your mom and sister from the many years I was a client of both Patricia and Tara. We are truly all connected in some way and like Beth stated earlier, so many that don't know you personally are praying for Kayla and your family to pull through this very challenging time.

    We hope that you will put The Curtice Family on the list of anything that is needed ... meals, homecoming gifts, friendly visitors to cheer her, whatever we can assist with. Evan loves games and art and is quite good in math if any help can be given there ;-)) We can be reached at

    Below is a Thanksgiving Prayer that I trust will support you. May God Bless you and may He continue to hold you all in the palm of His tender loving hands. With care and compassion, Barb, Guy and Evan

    In the painful times : praise God
    In the harried times : hallow God
    In the terrible times : trust God.
    And at all times — and at all times –
    Thank God.

  2. Oh Kayla! It is so wonderful to see you making strides after your surgery. The pictures are just beautiful. I am so thankful that you will be able to go home soon. We love you so very much.

  3. Hi Kayla! You look so good after the shower. Mommy said that you had a
    hard time, but I am sure you feel better. All fresh!
    I can't wait for you to come home and get that precious hug of yours.
    I've been reading your progress every single day, but I wasn't able to
    post a comment using my Ipad. XOXO Claudia

  4. Dear Kayla, you look so beautiful and strong! How well you look only a few days after such big surgery. You are truly incredible. We look forward to you going home very soon? Hugs and love from the Lyall family. XOXOXO

  5. It's so great to see Kaylas smile, and oh how I know the eyeroll for the little brother! You are pillars of strength and love. We will all be with you on this journey forward.
    Heather O.

  6. Wow! She looks great! I love that a visit from Anthony made her day! I'm sure it made your day too! She looks so alert and happy. How have the headaches been? We have made cards for you but will give them to you once you are home. Our love to you all... Happy Thanksgiving... xoxoxoxoxoxo

  7. What a difference a day can make! Her smile is back and her communication with Anthony is so typical brother/sister - the picture says it all and it is so good to see. Thank you Annie and Denny for updating the blog and allowing us to follow along in this life changing journey. Today is a much better day.

    Love to all,
    Chuck and Pam

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  9. Emily (Hoburg) RaakaNovember 24, 2011 at 8:42 AM

    We love to see that smile! What a difference a day makes. We are keeping you guys in our prayers and sending you love. I was thinking about your mention of Skyping down the road - I am a complete computer geek and would be so happy to help you set up anything you need...

    You all inspire us every day. We look forward to seeing photos from when you all go home tomorrow!

  10. What a beautiful family! It goes to show, every day is a new day. Kayla looks so strong, and radiant in these new photos. Love that Anthony could come visit. We can't wait for you all to be in your own home tomorrow. We love you all. Happy Thanksgiving. Love, The Korich Family

  11. Today I am thankful that I have a niece who has abominable strength, a smile to melt any snow on Earth and a heart that steadily beats with compassion and happiness. I am thankful that I have the most amazing family a woman could ever ask for and that if I need support, I have a myriad of angles to turn to. I am thankful for my treasure of a husband who will always be my light at the end of every tunnel. Blessed is not enough of a word to describe my thoughts. Bountiful blessed is more like it. Cherish every moment, every clink of glass and every bit of laughter today.----I love you all so very much Denny, Annie, Kayla and AJ---Auntie Nikki

  12. Michelle & Bob SchepplerNovember 24, 2011 at 10:20 AM

    Annie, Denny, Kayla and Anthony- Bob and I have been thinking about you all so much over the past week. We are sendIng many positive thoughts your way. We are here for you for whatever it is you may need. Please give Kayla a giant, but gentle hug from us. Take care.
    -the Scheppler's

  13. Kayla, you are making amazing progress, so proud of you, warrior. The pictures of Kayla and Anthony are awesome and tells the whole story, that expression when she is looking at her brother, priceless! Great pictures that made us all smile. We keep thinking about you non stop, and we, along with all our friends and family who we are hanging out with, are sending you positive energy and thoughts. We want to do whatever it takes to help you. We are here for you always. Hugs and love to the Dehnerts!

  14. Kayla, you have made some amazing progress!! We are so proud of you. We have watched the blog each day and are cheering you on every step of the way! You are a super strong girl cuz this is one very tough journey.
    Thinking of you every day and wishing only the best days ahead.
    Love The Teel family (Rich, Lisa, Allie, Rachel and Sarah)

  15. omg she looks so great. She can even smile now. Great thanksgiving. I hope you all can be together and enjoy it. This too shall pass. And than you will be more thankful than ever. A lot of my friends are praying for you, and I know that Diana's friends as well, plus the millions of friends you have. Power of prayer works miracles!! Much love... are thoughts and prayers are with you daily <3 Krysta and family

  16. Annie--So sorry to hear about the latest developments. You are right when you say that this is a parents "worst nightmare." I don't have the magic words which can be much help. But I do know that you have an amazing little girl who will meet this head on. I know that both you and Denny possess strength, courage, and love, all of which will help you get through the rough days ahead. Put trust and faith in your doctors and nurses cause I truly believe that Kayla is in great hands. Just know that I am here if you ever need anything. I'll be here if you need need to talk, vent, or just need a hug. My mom sends her love too. She has been dutifully asking me daily about Kayla and was just crushed yesterday when I told her the latest. She says she'd be happy to cook or pick up food from Tommy Salsa's for you guys if you ever need it :) Happy Thanksgiving! Talk to you soon--Love Matt

  17. Oh, she looks SO much better! Look at her face interacting with Anthony! Go Kayla!!!

  18. Kayla looks so pretty! We are so glad she will be making it home very soon. Happy Thanksgiving! We love you!
    Tomaz, Diana and Isabella