Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hostpital Fashion Show!

Ok, I knew this place was cool, but a fashion show? What a great way to spend part of our last "down" day. They hospital has an area outside where there is a red carpet rolled out. They had some of the patients design hospital gowns decorating them however they saw fit. Then the nurses and even one awesome doc wore them down the red carpet.  Here are a few pics from the fabulous event.

The event was amazing. Then, we went inside for the unvailing of the new Art Gallery. Kayla was chosen to cut the ribbon. Her picture "might" just appear on UCSF's website we were told! Stop the paparazzi!!! ;)


  1. Wow-sounds incredible. Thanks for the update!

  2. This is all going to turn out ok. I've been praying all morning for Kayla and I know she is going to be just fine. You will spend a very memorable thanksgiving at UCSF and then Kayla will go home healthy, and back to normal. You will have quite a lot of blessings to count this and every year/day/second. She is going to be just fine.