Saturday, November 26, 2011


Today came and went way too quickly. It was exactly what we needed. We started the morning off by opening all the cards that we had received. Kayla read each and every one! It was a great way to start the morning off. She keeps asking why so many people are sending her things. Oh.... to be 7! She loved everything so so much! Thank you!!

Anthony found his own ways to amuse himself. Who needs presents, cards and balloons when you can have a box?

Oh.... to be 4! 


                                            Denny loves his pink "toe" socks!

We all got spoiled in the sock department. I realize what a feat it is to find bright and colorful socks in a size 13! Thank you for all the efforts out there. ;) Barbara, I got Anthony a Hex Bug from Target today with the gift card you sent him. Thank you for that! He loves it!

We spent a nice and relaxing day getting organized and researching.  The beautiful yellow and red leaves continued to fall outside reminding us constantly to just be grateful. Grateful for this time to spend as a family. We got caught up on some phone calls and just enjoyed every minute. Not too much to write about yet. Just so grateful to all of you out there following along with us and thinking about us and praying. Soon enough our journey will change and I will look back on these pictures longingly.

                                               Watching a movie on the iPad

I was sitting at my desk just staring at the back of that beautiful head. So many thoughts came into mind. I just wanted this snapshot for my memory. Once this nightmare is over, I want to take this "blog" and make it into a hardbound book for Kayla. Our diary of this amazingly brave 7 year old girl named Kayla Rose.


  1. So glad to see you are all together at home enjoying one another. I must say though I especially love tbe pic of Anthony hugging the box. Oh to be 4 is so true! Big hugs! Xoxo

  2. Oh Annie! The last pic is simply breathtaking. I am so darn thankful that you are all home together. I am continuing to keep all of you in my thoughts. We love you all.
    The Wu Family

  3. Hi everyone! So glad Denny got his socks and they fit! Lol! Take pix of Kayla's gifts:)
    We are so happy you can spend good family time together! Thinking of you daily, if not more! Love you, Tomaz, Diana and Isabella

  4. That is awesome. You can't even tell that she had surgery recently. She seems back to her old self. You will look back on this someday and it will be a part of you that just made everyone stronger. We still need to send something out your way. Sorry its taking so long for me to get something!

  5. This brings so much joy to my day Annie. I know it's going to be a trying journey ahead of the Dehnert family but lord knows we are strong enough to make it through. She is on my mind constantly. I can't wait to get home and see the little angel.

  6. Back to a day in the life of the Dehnerts I LOVE IT! And boy do you got that right girlfriend, funky socks in size 13 TOUGH to find, thinking need to contact NFL LOL! However,I got some coming your way that he'll love I think I sent you a link but they are taking forever to get here GRRRR! Where is Amazon Prime when you want it, not on random sites! Love that SPIDEY is enjoying his time with his sister and his boxes. Whisper to him that Koko has more costumes and a star wars play tent (can I bring that) and some creativity for them both on its way to keep them occupied while you take this greatly needed and respected downtime for you and your immediate families bonding. LOVE YOU!!