Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A change in plans

Kayla will not be admitted tonight to start Chemo tomorrow.  Although her weight was the highest since arriving at St. Jude (40.7 lbs... GO KAYLA!) her blood levels weren't quite up to what they need to be.  So, Kayla will be at the hospital a few hours longer today to receive blood. We will still celebrate to the max once she gets out! The plan is now to be admitted on Friday night and start Chemo on Saturday morning. It only puts us back two days so it's not too bad. This is what I mean when things can change on a dime around here. Kayla's having a lovely birthday so far.  She is requesting nacho's for dinner tonight. El Toro Loco here we come! Thank you for all of the kind emails and FB messages. She is feelin' the love! We all are... THANK YOU!


  1. Sometimes a Change in Plans is not such a bad thing....this means that Kayla will get to SLEEP WITH HER NEW KITTY TONIGHT!! And after all the fun she will have after receiving the blood, she will definitely be ready for dreamland. Glad to hear Kayla is having a lovely birthday so far, and hope those Nachos fill you up with the happiness you deserve!




    P.S. Way to GOOOOOOO on the weight gain too. Amazing girl you are. :)

  2. Happy birthday Kayla! We hope you get everything you wish for:)

  3. Happy Birthday Kayla! I'm sorry you have to wait to do the chemo for a few days but I'm glad you won't have to go through all that on your birthday.