Friday, May 11, 2012

Ding! Ding! Ding! Round 3......

And so it begins... the 3rd round. After this, we will have one more! Actually, tonight couldn't come fast enough for us.  Well.... all of us except for Kayla.  I can't blame her.  She is dreading how awful she will feel and so are we for that matter. We have a new strategy. We have decided that when she throws up, it's the cancer leaving her body. It's not a bad thing but a good thing. She says, "Cancer, you are NOT welcome here" and prays a lot.  Kayla has thrown up every single morning since the 2nd round. So, if we go by this strategy... we should have a good chance at beating this monster!

Kayla packed her new purse that she got from the Zoo with her ChapStick, a bag of pirate booty (she thinks she might like it again) and her diary. Oh, and don't forget the Caprisun!  She is ready to kick this round to the C-U-R-B!  Now, can we please get a C-U-R-E????? :'(

My hero. My warrior. My amazing 8 year old angel. She makes me so proud!!!


  1. She is truely amazing!!! Go Getem Kayla Kick some cancer butt!!

  2. Onward you go, brave, strong girl, and loving, beautiful family. We're with you in spirit, always in our thoughts. Love, hugs, Auntie Ann

  3. Onward you go, brave strong girl and loving beautiful family! We're with you in spirit, always in our thoughts. Love, hugs Auntie Ann

  4. Go Kayla! We are all in your corner! Beat that Cancer where the sun don't shine! we believe in you strong, brave, beautiful girl!

  5. Sending so many prayers and strength, every day.
    Leslie and Family