Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finally, a day of FUN!

It was a very busy day full of FUN. Finally! We really needed this. The day started out nice and slow... we got to sleep in, which we all really needed. Then we decided to head into town because Kayla wanted that soup! We tried three restraunts before we found a soup she would eat! She will now only eat Tomato, Miso (her new fav), creamy potato and Chicken Noodle soup minus the noodles (yes, broth... which she is now really sick of). So, we finally got to try Huey's. Lucky for us, they give St. Jude families 50% off! I had no idea! Our waiter, Aaron used to work for ALSAC. He said he hated to leave St. Jude but it came down to money. I can't imagine they pay top dollar since it's a non-profit!  Anyway, he was great. The food was great! And we got some Creamy Potato in Kayla's tummy :)

After that, we finally got to go to the Zoo! What perfect weather!!! Seriously, it was fantastic. We had a wonderful time. Kayla held the map and guided us all over the place. We got to ride the train, the tram and see a sea lion show.  Kayla was full of energy. Even dancing and joking which is always a good sign. I love when she breaks out the dance moves in front of everyone to see. This girl is starting to lose her shyness when it comes to that making everyone around her smile and beam with love! It's incredibly infectious...
 The ostriches
 My Favorite, the Panda's!!! SO cute :)

The Alligator
 Pythons! (can you see his tongue?)
 She was VERY intrigued with Kayla. She followed her up and down and started climbing the glass. Kayla wondered why? "She said maybe she can tell that I have more meat on my bones and is hungry?!"

"I'm HUNGRY... get me through this glass!"
Two Dragons. I just took a lot of pictures! ;)

After we finished having fun at the zoo, we went back to the apartment to rest for a few minutes and off to the playground we went! Kayla wanted to have her toenails painted with the OPI polish her Neena sent her for her birthday. So, we grabbed scooby-doo bingo and the polish and headed out. Anthony and Dad were already outside playing tag with a couple other kids. Kayla and I got to work while laughing and watching. Bingo was a lot of fun while we waited for the polish to dry. I thought our night was wrapping up because it was 7:15pm, but the birthday girl (yes, belated) wanted to go to El Toro for those nachos. SO, off we went!  It was a great day. One we will cherish forever.  Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! Kayla says to say thank you to all of you!  

Tomorrow night, Kayla will be admitted for round 3! It's GO time. She is prepared for it. Ready to conquer! I will update the blog when there is news.. promise :) G'night!


  1. i couldn't be happier for the perfect happy day that you all got to experience together :). yay :). sweet sleep tonight.

  2. We are cheering sweet Miss Kayla and you all on! What a lovely day. I look forward to hearing about so many more in the future - it is so great that you went to El Toro after all... We are looking forward to every extra ounce and many happy days for you. Your strength is showing so vividly in the happiness of your kids, despite all of these tremendous hurdles. You are hitting it out of the park during an impossible time.
    Emily (Hoburg) Raaka and family

  3. Looks like an awesome day and night out, except where are those margaritas? ;)
    You will be in our thoughts tomorrow as you enter into round 3. Go Kayla! Love you!

  4. Thank you for sharing your lives with us! You are oh so strong! So glad that you had such a wonderful day. Those ladies could not have said it better. Stay strong! xoxo

  5. Happy Belated Birthday, Kayla! 8 is great! xo cousin Allie

  6. I miss you all so much! I loved seeing these happy pictures! I teared up a little bit. Aj looks even bigger than the last time I saw him and he's even doing a pose action now with his little elbow out! I cannot wait to be with you all again. I am so happy Kays got the bday that she wanted, nachos, polish and all! :) --Auntie Nicole

  7. So happy to see/ hear Kayla and the family had a great day celebrating her birthday. Jam packed day and Kayla had the energy for it, how wonderful!!!!! Praying her next session goes well, she has been such a warrior princess.
    Happy (belated) Birthday Kayla!!
    Love and Big hugs,
    Lisa, Dan, Brittani, and Sophie