Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day +6 ... happier girl!

Finally... the storm is ending. The sun is shining through.  Kayla is starting to return to herself!  Last night we finally started to see it turn.  Kayla's tell-tale sign that she is starting to feel better is when she asks us to play music for her. This girl loves to dance. I love that she has no inhibitions and isn't afraid to dance at a moments notice no matter who is watching. The sparkle in her eye and the smile on her face is infectious. The last time she danced this much was at the zoo. They were playing music she liked over by the rides in the park and Kayla was gettin' down! The people who ran the rides came out of their posts to see her. It was really cute.

I posted this on Kayla's FB page last night, but I know not all of you are on Facebook.
http://www.facebook.com/CuringKaylaRose is the link in case you haven't yet "liked" it. :)

Today was a very long day. It started at 9:30 and ended at 6:00pm.  Kayla had her last dose of chemo (Vincristine) for this round, her GCSF, plus she had to get platelets and blood. That's a LOT in one day. We are so happy that tomorrow they have only scheduled one thing, her GCSF at 12:45! So glad we can all rest after this long day.  Kayla is still getting sick, but in much further increments.  We have buckets and barf bags strategically placed and luckily with Kayla's age, she knows when it's close so we don't really have many "accidents".  I never thought I could actually eat a meal or drive a car during the sound of someone I love getting sick... crazy the things that you can become used to!  For the record, I still hate it!

This weekend it's supposed to get into the 100's outside. We are taking advantage of the outdoors now while we can.  I'm still waiting on the humidity to kick in and those lightning bugs (fire flies to some) to appear! I'm ready to see their magical glows.

Back at home, our friends are busy putting together an incredible event to help us out once again!  It's the 5K for Kayla!  Wow!!! I am bummed to miss this one. It is going to be a blast!  We are so grateful and honored to be part of such an amazing and loving community. We humbly thank you all so much for reminding us once again why we miss home so very much!!! 

If you haven't figured out how to be included in this incredible event, here is the info:

Or register directly through the Eventbrite button below
Eventbrite - 5K FOR KAYLA ROSE

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  1. That girl has got some MOVES!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that video!! I hope the sick spells become further and further apart! Kayla is my hero! Hugs!!! Enjoy the rest on Wednesday!