Sunday, May 6, 2012

Early Mother's Day

Happy Early Mother's Day to me! Wow, what a fun day today here at the Target House. Just what a lot of us mom's here needed. I had fun getting my nails painted (as bright as possible). There is nothing like bright polish to make you feel a little happier.  The decorations were soooo pretty. I wish now that I had taken pictures! All of the tables had table cloths in shades of pink. There were tall silver vases filled with cherry blossoms in the center of the tables. Pink paper flower decorations hung from the ceiling.  There were tables set up where ladies from Pixi were doing make-up. About 5 or 6 stylists came to do hair. They had a chair massage table set up (now I'm kicking myself that I didn't wait to have that treatment!). There were two long folding tables set up with 4 ladies giving manicures. It was very fun. Everyone was happy and laughing and having a wonderful time. It was so good to see these mommies getting pampered. I have to say, it was so strange being on the other end though.  Part of me felt like jumping in. It was great though. Really such a treat.  I will remember this special day since Kayla will be inpatient and having her "day of rest" on the real Mother's Day.

After the pampering was complete, we hung out for a while with friends waiting for Dinner. It was another really hot day so we dipped in and out between the 90 degree sunshine and the blasting A/C from inside. At 5:00pm we headed on over to T2 for a wonderful Mother's Day dinner. It was so nice seeing all of these mom's all dolled up! I have to imagine this is how we would all look if we were in "normal" circumstances meeting up. You know, in real life.  A few of us were laughing about that saying, "take a mental picture now... I will not look like this again here".   Kayla was not feeling good, so she and Denny headed back up to our room early. Anthony stayed and put together a lovely Mother's Day gift bag for me which was so so sweet!  I just am so grateful that they took the time to honor us mom's in this way. It brings me to tears just typing about it. What a wonderful thing it is to volunteer!
Inside of the bag I found my special Mother's day goodies. There were lavender bath salts inside of 3 bags, eye shadow and lip balm, a card and a key necklace. Anthony was most excited about his key to my heart necklace. So was I.  I love it!  (and yes, his card is signed Love, Puppy) I told Kayla that this is what happens when big sis isn't there to help! She just giggled.

Denny is finished with his first hat! Once he gets done with that the girls have a throw blanket for Kayla that he will be working on.  It will come in handy next winter. Very special since it's from Dad!! :) Denny, we are very proud of you!

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  1. Sounds like a nice Mother's Day. I'm glad you got to experience being on the receiving end of it all and didn't step in to help like you were tempted to do. You deserve all the pampering you give to others, especially right now.