Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What a difference a day makes

Taken Yesterday (Day-2) Fighting off the fever

This morning, Kayla's temperature finally broke. It was hovering around 103 all day yesterday. It was hard to see her in such obvious discomfort, but we continually hoped that the fever was doing it's job at attacking any virus that might have been trying to creep in while her ANC was still high.

Today Kayla has been enjoying her day of rest.  Denny took Anthony out to mud island and back over to the park at the Ronald McDonald House so he could play. Meanwhile,  I got to hang with Kayla which was good medicine for mommy. We played a few games of Sorry! (She beat me every time), her new found love MadLibs, and I had a blast just watching her dance in her bed to music. It warms my heart to see her happy today. It was exactly what we all needed to see after the past few days which were so hard to watch. I am grateful for today and grateful for each smile.

Tomorrow Kayla gets her cells. That means it's almost time to for her to be released!!! I can't wait!  Thank you to all of you for all of the prayers and good vibes that have been sent out. We were feeling them today for sure!!! Keep them coming because anything is possible here....


  1. Hooray for TODAY! So comforting to see Kayla's smile and to hear the excitement in your words saying that she's doing so much better!!

    You're doing an amazing job Kayla, Daddy & Mommy! All of you deserve a big ol pat on the back and a triple thumps UP!

    Keep on keepin' on and stay strong as you are!!! I'm so excited that you get to go to Target House sooner than later Kays!!


  2. Yeah for the good days! So glad to hear you got some time with your baby today and that she is feeling better than yesterday. Know that we are all pulling for you. All of you! It was a crowded night at Tommy's tonight as the town that loves you all did what we could...from far away...one burrito at a time! :-)

  3. Oh, god bless your beautiful and strong hearts. You are walking in such divine and revealed faith. You continue to raise us up. You are a Family Unit of what life is all about. Love, Mary and Frank Hoburg

  4. love,strength and kisses from the Barr Family!

  5. So glad to hear it and thank you so much for keeping us posted. Lots of love, prayers your way, always! ~ The Da Silva Family

  6. This entry just warmed my heart. So glad you got to spend some much needed one on one time with Kayla. She is such a fighter, her strength could move mountains! She is in my prayers as well as so many in my neck of the woods. They pray every night for her. They even requested her name to give to their prayer requests back in North Carolina (my friend's hometown). They start a prayer branch that starts in the states and ends up all the way overseas. The power of faith, love and prayer will overcome the Big C. Love you guys so very much. xoxo

  7. It's true, Annie.... the power of faith, love, and prayer is amazing! (as Tiffany says above), and what really touches me (and others I'm sure) is being able to read what YOU write, every day. I know your heart brings words to your fingers that you probably never knew you had, but you write so beautifully and let us all know (and feel from inside) all that you're going through. It's truly amazing how the emotions of everything that happens, and everything you're going through, just rushes through your stories. Thank you so so so much for writing this blog for us all. You and Denny are such amazing parents and so strong and full of so much love! Kayla and Anthony are LUCKY kids! I'm sure many of us would hope to have even half the strength that you and Denny have endured! Love you all xoxoxoxoxo

  8. Dear Annie,
    I am happy with every little improvments that she makes as well:)
    Every morning @ 9:00 am as I am walking to go to my classroom to start work, I hear the bells of Our Lady of Loretta's church and exactly @ 12:00 noon as I leave the classroom I hear them again. Guess what I am saying in my head? :) Every M-F the church's bells have my well wishing prayers for Kayla, Mrs. Romer and a friend of mine who is also going under treatment @ UCSF. I pray that each day she gets stronger and closer to winning this unjust fight.
    We love you. Sepeatom sends his love and best wishes to Kayla and says:" Kayla, you can do it:)"
    I don't post often enough. However, I am following your posts and thank you for that. We are thinking of you all.
    Laila (Sepeatom's mom)

  9. so grateful for good days....and days that you get sprung :). prayers continue!