Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day + 8


 SO proud of you Kayla... These beads are such an incredible reminder of the warrior you are!

We have our next official/unofficial chemo date. June 8th! I say official/unofficial, because all things are subject to change here. Assuming things go as planned, that is her final date. Oh what bittersweet feelings I have for that day.

Kayla is doing really well. She had a lot of energy for the most part. Her ANC is still at only 100, so we are actually surprised at how well she is doing.  Here is Kayla on a really cool bike doing her PT. She loved it. I laughed at all of the straps and the helmet (and how much time it ate up just getting her ready to ride). We only get 45 minutes to do PT, but safety first!

Miss Lauren is taking Kayla's pulse before she rides off

After the bike exercise, we had just enough time to do some "Just Dance" on the Wii to "It's Raining Men". You know Kayla loved that!  Today, Anthony mastered jumping jacks.  We have also told him that we aren't allowed to leave here until he learns to ride a bike without training wheels. So, that has made him pretty determined to learn.  

When we returned to the Target House, an envelope was waiting for us. Enclosed were the copies (English and Spanish) from the PSA add that Kayla and Denny were in. Remember me posting pics from it? It was filmed the day Kayla was released from her first round of Chemo. It was so cool watching it on our TV. I must have rewound and played the scene with Den and Kayla 20 times! It's INCREDIBLE. So cool to watch this commercial for such and amazing place entirely filled with faces of people we know! You will all love it. It is supposed to air in the summer I believe. In true St. Jude commercial spirit, it's awesome! We hope it encourages a lot of people to log on and donate to St. Jude. This hospital is 100% dedicated to finding a cure and saving lives.  In case some of you aren't on Facebook, I thought I would add this one picture. Just astounding... and so incredibly awful. So, please... I beg. If you are asked to walk for a cause or donate... please ask how much money is actually given to that cause? You will be shocked!

I can't share the commercial with you, but here is a preview (a pic I took of the screen) of the part Kayla and Denny are in so you can look for them.

We should be getting pictures too from the photo shoot's she has been in. I will share them. So proud of my girl! YOU GO KAYLA ROSE!!! NEGU!!!!



  1. I continue to be so proud of all of you, especially Kayla. When I look at these pictures, her eyes are so captivating.....NEGU Dehnert Family! I know we will not give up on you here in California!!!

    Can't wait to see the commercial cause our Kayla is a SHINING STAR!!!


  2. So beautiful, so full of wonder...all of you! God bless and thanks. Love, Mary and Frank Hoburg

  3. Great to hear you have your date to start the last round. We'll be sending extra positive thoughts that day. Can't wait to see the ads! Let us know when they're online! xoxo Allie

  4. Only one more round....woohoo! You are all so incredibly strong. Go Kayla! I can't even begin to imagine this experience you have all gone through. Lots of love sent your way. The Chabans.