Friday, May 4, 2012

MRI Results are in

MRI results are both in and clear! Not that we had any indications that they would be otherwise, but in the world of cancer, anything is possible. We've seen it all here. Clear MRI's mean that nothing has changed and Kayla is clear to continue her 3rd round of Chemo. This morning started at the crack of dawn, 6:45 am (which to me, is the middle of the night). Everyone knows I am not a not a morning person. First up was Kayla's Brain MRI. Then she was off to Physical Therapy. B clinic was running late so we missed Occupational Therapy. It was all good though because that was when we happily heard the news about Kayla's MRI's. We then went over to procedures and got ready for Kayla to get her sleepy medicine so she could have her painful Lumbar Puncture.

We had a very nice male nurse who said that before coming to St. Jude he almost worked in the PICU at UCSF! Small world huh? We told him all about our experience there and how as scary as the situation was, we loved the PICU because of the nurses. They were there at one of the scariest and most uncertain times of our lives! We will never forget their amazing love and care. Emily, we love you girl!!!! Thank you again for being so wonderful in such a dark time. We will never forget it.

Kayla told Anthony that when he's 7, he will have to have to have his BP checked, Oxygen checked, get sleepy medicine & have a needle in his back. Aj's eyes got HUGE. And then....

You can imagine the explanation that followed from us. Luckily, he is at that age where he turns it off as quickly as he turns it on.

 "All good now"

We were free to go and finally enjoy our only weekend off from the hospital before it all starts over again. If the heat would go down a touch we could go out more, but it's scorching out. Not humid at all today really just HOT. So, Denny & Kayla are off to their Knitting class. I hear Den will be working on a blanket now. Kayla's back is really sore from the LP (to be expected!) Ouchie. :(  No bathing tonight so mommy will give Kayla a nice sponge bath. Just so glad it's the weekend and we have zero plans. Our friend Connor will be starting his 3rd round tomorrow. I am so grateful for my friendship with his mommy Laurie. It's nice to have someone to be able to literally walk through this journey with. 
Off to knitting and preparing for the AC us "non-chemo people" (as Kayla calls us) enjoy!!!


  1. Great news about the MRI results! Your PA relatives are so happy, along with the tons of friends here who tell us they are following your blog, all of us sending healing love prayers to Kayla. (Big sister teasing younger bro story was so funny! I'm sure your dad could being the big sister.) Love, hugs, rest well AuntieAnn

  2. So thrilled to hear the news about Kayla's MRI! Keep up the "good work" and continue to stay strong Denhert family! You all continue to amaze me on a daily basis. Thanks for the continued updates and please do enjoy your week-end.
    Best! Erin S.

  3. Wonderful news!!! Have a great weekend!

  4. Hooray! We check on you and pray for you every day. What great news!
    Sending you love and strength,
    Emily (Hoburg) Raaka & Family

  5. That's such great news about the MRIs!!! Have a great low key weekend!

  6. Carol HadjiandreouMay 5, 2012 at 12:23 AM

    What incredible news! Each day I love to hear you write about Kayla's day, what is going on and how Kayla is doing. The girls, J-P and I continue to pray for her full recovery as she shines her light for Jesus for all to see the strength and courage He gives her to fight this battle! And what incredible parents you both are, May the Lord Bless your family, for the joy you have amidst the trials and may He bless your precious AJ who is like the frosting on a cupcake, you just gotta love him! Stay strong and thank you for taking the time to share your updates with all of us. xo

  7. Great news! Love the story with photos of Anthony. Both kids are such troopers, and it's great to see even being thrown in this situation, there is still the normal sibling teasing going on! Glad to hear Denny and Kayla are keeping up with the knitting, even in the hot weather. I am a year-round knitter, too. Think of you guys every day, and friends often ask how you all are doing, and many follow your blog. The Dehnerts have a big cheering section! xoxo Allie

  8. That is great news that Kayla is free and clear!! Kayla teasing Anthony cracked me up! I'm glad he was able to get over it quick! Stay strong Kayla!

  9. Wonderful, wonderful news! Enjoy your weekend.... having to be absolutely nowhere. xoxo

  10. YEAHHHHH Kayla! YOU GO GIRL! Love to ALLL Mrs. Dayna (McEachern)