Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Denny

Happy Birthday to you Denny! Today we celebrated you and your life. I don't even know where we would be without you. Thank you for keeping me laughing and for never getting tired when it's 2 am and  I can't stop sobbing. You never sigh or complain. You always know just how to love me and get me through the toughest times.  You are the true yin to my yang. I love you!!! God do WE love you!!! Cheers to you today, every day and always.... THANK YOU!!!
Today was a light day as far as hospital appointments were concerned.  So, we decided to go and catch that new pirate movie after School got out. There were only two other people in the theater which was a good thing as far as germ control! It was kind of a snooze but the kids had fun.

We then came back to the apartment to get ready for dinner out. Benihana's was hosting a free dinner night for St. Jude families. Denny and the kids have never been. I knew this would be such a fantastic way to celebrate!  So, we got ready and headed over. True to form, we were met at the door by Geisha Girls and let out to tables set up with appetizers and anything we wanted to drink. Cups were adorned with paper umbrellas which the kids really loved!   We went over and sat at our table. Waitresses helped us bring all of our dishes and drinks over too which was a nice touch. They were truly there to take care of us. Shortly after we sat down, a very sweet mom and her 10 year old daughter were seated with us. Oh, and she had a 7 week old sleeping baby with her too. I almost forgot because she was such a gem! We only had a few moments to chat before our chef came over. She told us that they had just arrived back at St. Jude of their scans and more tumors were present. :(  It's hard to find words to say to someone who is facing my biggest fear. I just told her how sorry I am that they are having to fight the fight yet again. She told me that her daughter had left tumor free and that this was a sad shock. Luckily she is on a very new protocol that only one other kid has ever been on (in England).  So, another child begins her journey again. I hate that!

The chef was able to dazzle us with his skills keeping us all laughing and having fun. It was a good distraction to the reality we are constantly surrounded by...  Dinner was delicious. Kayla LOVED the onion soup and the rainbow sherbert for dessert. We were so happy she found something there that she liked! After what was left from our dinner was put into to-go bags, the manager came by to thank us for coming. I told him, "No, thank YOU for doing this for all of us."  I explained again how much this means to all of us to be put in these moments where we get to temporarily forget what we are doing here.  He told me that they do a lot of fund raising for St. Jude and that tonight they will be presenting St. Jude with a check for $55,000.00!!! I started to cry! I get so emotional over this stuff now. He seemed just as excited to be on the giving end and wished us the most sincere luck he could have offered. It was very sweet. Benihana now has a very special place in my heart.

The kids all got to go home with some gifts. Aprons, a special rice crispy treat, chopsticks, and these really cool ceramics. Now... how am I going to get them home? Yes, that's always the first thing we think of.
 OK... let's try this again!
Much better. Happy birthday Denny. And Kayla, this is your last day being 7! Tomorrow we will celebrate you and your beautiful life and how HAPPY we are to see you turn 8.

Unfortunately, tomorrow is not quite as open as we wish it would be on the day of her birthday.  We do have a few appointments to get out of the way first, but we will take what time we have and make it fun!  As soon as school gets out, we plan on hitting the zoo. Kayla eyeballed a necklace she has to have from the gift shop. That's all she has asked for, so that's easy. She knows she will have some special gifts once we get home from the money we got sent directly to her. For those of you who are making that possible... THANK YOU!   Ok, onto getting these kids tucked in. It's been a long day and tomorrow will be busy.  Good night all!


  1. Sounds like Denny had just the kind of day he needed for his own special birthday! Yayyyyyy!!!! Happy Birthday to the Best Daddy in the Whole World! (Not at all biased here, being his Mom....lol)

    How great is Benihana's? Great Food, Great Gifts too! Heck, Kayla got her white kitty and AJ got his dragon too?!! So Cool for everyone. Makes me happy to see and feel the happiness through your blog and pics, Annie.

    Love you all Infinity & Beyond,
    Mom/aka Neena

  2. Tomorrow will be a day of the most tangible strength present on earth: my niece, Kayla Rose's birthday. I love you Kayla, for the inspiration and gratitude you bring to our families' lives, but also for much more than that. I love you for your mature nature, for your book worm skills, for your contagious laugh, for your love of art, for your love of riding on your Dad's shoulders, for your love of nail doing with your Mom, for teaching your brother how to be a better person each and every day, for the tranquility you still possess throughout all of this and for the peace you bring to all of our hearts. I love you Kayla for being.....YOU! I am so proud to be your Aunt, so proud that I am posting this a day early on your Dad's birthday so that you get it first thing in the morning! Have a wonderful time at the zoo! XOXO Auntie Nicole (and Uncle Geoff, too).

  3. This is the incredible day that my brother, Denny Dehnert was born. It truly marks a day of inspiration, abominable strength and steadfastness. My brother is one of the strongest men I am lucky to know and I am so honored to be his sister and look up to him as my guiding mentor. I Love You Denny!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to Denny and Kayla! We miss you all and continue to think of you. You are always in our prayers.
    Nissim Family

  5. Connie MacQuarrieMay 8, 2012 at 9:54 PM

    Hi.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Denny today and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kayla tomorrow! It sounds like today was exceptional and I hope tomorrow will be even more amazing. I am so taken back by the great support and respect that you all have for one another. What a wonderful family. I hope every balloon tomorrow will be filled with love and joy for all of you.

  6. Bennihana is such a magical place. I'm so glad the kids and Denny got to experience it. It's one you will never forget! Looks like you all had a fab time. How sweet is that that they were hosting a dinner the same day as Den's bday?! And 55,000?! You have to appreciate selfless acts. I love you all, give Kayla a BIG birthday hug for me tomorrow. <3