Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kayla got sprung!

At 3:30 we got to go home together as a family again! So so happy! Aside from being very tired, Kayla is in good spirits. She took a nap when she got home, woke up to eat dinner, and went back to bed. All good news to share there. Kayla's ANC was 600 today and has been dropping by about half each day. Tomorrow she will be near or at zero. So, we will be laying low for a while which is fine by us!  We have an early start tomorrow so I am going to keep this short and sweet! I want to go and sit next to my husband.... :)

Good night everyone! Much gratitude tonight!!!



  1. Annie -Great news! We are glad the family is together again!
    Stay strong Kayla!

    Prayers and Big hugs,

    Lisa, Dan, Brittani and Sophie

  2. Wonderful news and profound quote. Love, gratitude and prayers surround you., Mary and Frank Hoburg

  3. "another round bites the dust"! Only one more to go, you've got this. Meow meow will be welcoming you home with sounds of purring and body rubs soon, she misses her pillow Kayla. Rest princess, take this time to enjoy your family and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul for your finale. We are all so proud of you little warrior, each and every day praying for you stay strong K, much love and admiration KoKo.