Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Kayla!

What a crazy couple of days around here! Today ended up not at all what we had planned. It goes to show that you just can't plan much anymore without a plan A, B, C, D & E.

You read my last update about our recent change in plans as far as being admitted. I'm glad Kayla is home right now. She would have be sitting in a hospital bed on the evening of her birthday if they hadn't. So, part of me is so grateful. Part of me is oddly bummed to delay round 3. Every day we get extended is another day away from  home.  I think tonight I would feel this way no matter what the outcome though.  Kayla is happy to be home still and I am quickly changing my mind to be grateful that she will not be sleeping to the sound of beeps, temperature checks and blood pressure checks all night long tonight. That does make me feel better!

Unfortunately, Kayla's day at the hospital was very long. She didn't finish until about 4:00pm so that made it too late to go and enjoy the zoo.  Kayla assured us that she was ok with this and that we could go tomorrow. Tomorrow they have only scheduled us with PT at 8:30am (which we will skip). So, tomorrow, we will do whatever she wants to do! Instead we spent the afternoon opening gifts and cards. Laughing at the mess that was left behind pointing fingers as to who would clean it all up!

 Even Anthony felt a bit of love! (opening the movie Robots)

Tonight instead of going to El Toro Loco, Kayla decided she just didn't feel well enough to go there and requested soup at home. Fine by us... as long as she promised us one bite of birthday ice cream. Something needed to make me feel like a part of this birthday was normal

I'm sure you can guess what her wish was! It's the first time her wish has ever been anything but wishing for Chance (her beloved dog) to come back from heaven.

A special thank you to my Auntie Ann who included this birthday candle in her package. We would have not had a candle tonight for her to wish on! :)

My baby is 8. I am so proud of her! I thanked her again tonight for choosing me as her mommy and she said, "you're welcome".


  1. Happy Kayla's Birthday to all 4 of you. 8 years of blessings from that darling girl is a gift to us all! Love from Erika & Sonja & family

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful girl and happy day of giving birth Annie. Wishing you all many more birthdays to come. Health and happiness. xxoo Cate

  3. Happy Birthday, Kayla! That star-shaped candle seemed just perfect for you, such a star in so many ways, shining brilliantly, beautifully. Love and hugs to you and the whole family! AuntieAnn

  4. Happy Birthday sweet Kayla Rose!!! The first picture of her on this post makes her look '8' :). I'm glad that you were able to spend it with your family away from the hospital, even though St. Judes is a great place! Praying for an amazing 8th year for you kayla!!!

  5. Happy Birthday sweet Kayla! We have been thinking about you so much!! We hope you have the most wonderful day at the zoo tomorrow with your family! You have the best parents and brother a girl could have! Love and prayers are coming your way constantly! Love, The Lyall Family

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLA!! Glad you were able to be with your family and out of the hospital. You are looking great! Hang in there,brave girl!

    Love Krysta and family