Sunday, December 11, 2011

1st Sunday in Memphis

Good Morning everyone! Sorry I didn't post last night. To be honest there wasn't much to share. We had a nice and relaxing day. So needed!!  We pretty much hung out all day playing games, reading and watching movies. Aside from sleeping in past 5:00 am (3am cali time), that was exactly what we needed to recharge our batteries. Kayla's pain was managed better. We even got in a nice long neck massage for her last night. We did lots of stretches and manipulations to try and get her neck muscles to loosen up. It really helped a lot! We will do that several times today too. If we can't get PT to her, we will just have to do it ourselves.
Fortunately for Kayla, Donna has a LOT of expertise in massaging the faccia (neck) muscles because of having to do it so much on her own daughter, Katelyn. We learned some really great techniques that will help her so much. She slept great after! I have to say, Kayla is responding really well when we describe why she is having things done and what it is all for. If she is prepared, she cooperates even though it might not feel very good.  One funny thing happened tonight. Dad went to take her to the medicine room for her harvesting boost shot. Kayla picked her arm that she wanted it in. When she got back to our room, she came in proudly announcing, "mom! It didn't hurt in this arm. I told them I want it in this arm from now on!" I sadly felt so much relief. She got her beads for her necklace.  Such a brilliant idea they came up with here!

We called home again and Anthony was getting ready to go to Cheryll's annual Christmas party next door to our house. Kayla was bummed she couldn't go too. We know next year, we will all be there. Carolyn sent me the cutest picture of Anthony and the girls "he calls them, his other sissy's". SO cute!!
He spent the night at his Neena & Bopa's house last night and we will call them all soon to catch up. Kayla told us this morning that she really wants Anthony to stop calling her sissy and start calling her Kayla even though she admitted it is pretty cute.  We shall see. I have a feeling that name is going to be a tough one to get rid of!

Today we are going to take the shuttle over to the Target house to check out the diggs over there. It's supposed to be gorgeous. Also, it's right next door to the zoo! St. Jude's patients and families get in free. We will be taking advantage of that A LOT on our good days once we are living over there. Then, tonight the local mall will be closing down just for St. Judes! They close it down because of the germ factor. How great is that? There will be shuttles taking all patients and families over there from 7:15-9:30.  I have heard it's once a year and something to NOT miss. So, even if we have to take a nap, we will be there! I can't wait to see what it's all about. The flyer says that they will have free photo's with Santa, rides on the carousel, DJ Rockin Robin, sephora make overs, spider jump & more.

Ok, I need to get hopping or we won't get out of here today. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Wow it sounds like so much fun over there. I am glad that you guys are still able to enjoy yourselves right now. That is so much needed for you all right now. St Judes sounds amazing!! Glad Kayla is doing so well right now. That bead idea is brilliant. AJ looks so cute with his friends. awwe. Sounds like things are really going well considering. I am still in awe at how amazing you, Denny, and Donna are. Kayla is so darn lucky! Sending love, and hugs your way. Krysta and Ashton

  2. You are in the best place you could possibly be given your circumstances right now! I am so happy for Kayla that she gets to be around such positivity, beauty, and tenderness if she has to be there at all. Much love to you all from Chico! xoxo Michelle & Co.