Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Eve

Sunday. A nice and lazy day! There were even moments of boredom today where we reminded ourselves that we will be waiting all week long to feel that feeling again! 

Not too much to really blog about so I will just re-cap b/c this is after all my diary.

Kayla got her first real bath since having the double lumen placed. We haven't been cleared yet on the total bandage change. SO, we were very careful to not get it wet. If we did get it wet, we would have to take a shuttle over to the hospital to have the dressing changed. It is about a 10 minute drive with shuttles only coming once every hour. We were determined to keep it dry. Now, where I will admit that Denny sometimes has good ideas... this was not one of them:

This would NOT keep her DL dry. Nope. So, we had her lay down and with a joint effort, we got her scrubbed clean. She felt SO much better (and smelled better too).  I just cant wait until we can do dressing changes here so if it gets wet, no biggie!

After that, the kids took over the iPads. Thank you Neena for letting us borrow! ;)

and played some poker. Kayla kicked some bottom!

I did some "normal" house stuff like laundry and cleaning. Lucky for me as the photographer, there are no pictures of this.

Denny and Kayla went and made some more crafts while I cooked dinner:

Denny had a dad on the elevator literally speechless. People really don't know how to act when they see a dad so involved. I think it's so hysterical!  What I love about him is that he just doesn't care. He is all about living in the moment and doing what makes kayla smile.  We should ALL follow that rule for our own loved ones.

Kayla told me tonight at dinner that when it's time for her make a wish, she is going to wish to go to the North Pole. Thank goodness we have time to work on white sand and clear water images before that make a wish happens! We laughed and laughed!

I told her is was almost time for bed b/c we have an early start at the hospital tomorrow. She said, "what time?" I said, "7:30". She said, "whaaaaaat? I have to have time for my back rub by dad!" Since when did she steal my time slot? So, there she was grabbing the baby oil down from the bathroom cabinet and peeling off her shirt. Too funny. I guess she is a lot more like me then I can even admit sometimes.  For now........ we have a little more Sunday left. Good night all!


  1. You're welcome for the iPad loan -- no problem! That's what family is for, to help one heartwarming to see you three relaxing through all of this different lifestyle. That takes a lot of strength, I know.

    Today, I picked up AJ from Kolleen's house and we've been having exactly the same kind of Sunday as you.....relaxing. It's nice to have this quality time with him one-on-one. I'm realizing the silver lining here.....THERE"S ALWAYS LOVE, ALWAYS & FOREVER.

    Gnite and sweet dreams.....xoxo.....Neena

  2. Make A Wish is awesome-- I volunteered with them for a few years and its amazing what they can do. I noticed tons of MAW footage on the Pray video by Justin Bieber...Hawaii and a dolphin encounter is wonderful too! Glad you had a nice relaxing day, you deserve it, and soon your little buddy with be with you all too! Looking forward to hearing about that celebration! Leslie

  3. I was thinking about your comment about the dad looking at Denny on the elevator. Perhaps it inspired a moment of reflection for him. Annie, I'm so glad you and Denny can have and focus on these good times in simple ways (and oh how we redefine "good times" when in these situations, right??) Three cheers for you all! It's such a help emotionally to you that you all are making the effort and succeeding in finding time to enjoy and have fun, in a situation where the natural thing is to have those opportunities for joy pass by. Modeling this for your kids is some of the best parenting you can do. (And food for thought for elevator observers!) A huge kudos to St. Judes for facilitating and encouraging a good life and fun for you all there, in addition to giving Kayla top care. I think a lot of hospitals who treat kids could learn a lot from St. Judes! xoxo Allie

  4. I LOVE ZAN (DENNY) he lives in the moment, that why we understand eachother, he such an amazing mentor to Dads all over the country to just LET GO,don't give a hoot, I makes US HAPPY SMILE and it's HYSTERICAL!

    "Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make every day a holiday and celebrate just living!"

    WONDERTWINS ACTIVATE! Love you Jayna (Kolleen)