Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wifi down

You can imagine my frustration after a long day having the wifi shut down at the end of my big posting last night. I have lots to tell with great pics! I will call technical support to try and get it working. Big day again today. I'm so bummed!!!


  1. DOH! Can't wait to hear all about, how great you have snow!

  2. Oh Annie! We will wait & it shall come. I was wondering what was going on and I figured it had to be something like that to keep you from posting.
    My heart is with you guys today BIG! I know that today is even a bigger day, and I'm sending all the positive healing light and love I can right now to all of you. I'm right here!


  3. Dear Ones,
    We are following your journey each day and you
    are in our hearts and PRAYERS. Thanks for keeping
    us updated. The pictures are amazing!! What a
    wonderful place, and what a blessing to see how
    well everything is set up.
    Love you much,
    Dianne (Donna's Mom)