Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Day Off

What a nice and relaxing Saturday! When we woke up, it was time to flush Kayla's lines. Not a problem! Except... the pharmacy only gave us the heparin and nothing else! We needed tape and alcohol wipes too. So, off to the hospital we went. Denny and I decided to divide up and I would hit Krak Kroger. It shouldn't be too bad in the morning, right?  One thing I would NOT be buying:
After our errands, we went down to the craft room and made some snow flakes, mini stocking decorations and dad made a bug and some flowers out of pipe cleaners. The craft room is awesome!

On our way back up to our room, we stopped in the Sean White/ Brad Paisley room for some pool! I still can't get over how much detail went into each room. I need to bring my "real" camera around so I can snap some good pics. There are so many autographed pictures and cool things in each room. I will try and capture that soon! :)

We went back to the apartment and rested for the big dinner they threw in Target House 2. We headed on down and had a nice bbq dinner. Kayla really misses Tommy's Salsa. Denny and I miss a LOT of places in Novato! The dinner was nice though. They had stockings filled for all the kids, Mugs for the adults and presents for the kids to open. Also, one of the ladies knitted a table FULL of hats and scarves. She said she started after Christmas last year. Kayla picked out a great set. Full of color just like her! Here are some pics from tonight:
 Table Decorations
 Blurry, but super cute!
 Kayla looks good in the new hat and scarf!
There was a chocolate fountain!!! Time for Kayla to start putting away some calories!
 Searching through the stocking

Thank you to all the volunteers who made this night so memorable. They already said that they will be here again next year also. Our "waiter" was almost 90 years old. He was ADORABLE. You could tell how much it meant for him to be here helping out. So sweet!


  1. Love to see you all finding joy and laughter in your situation and your surroundings when you can! You have so many of us laughing with you and crying with you! Whenever you are feeling down and alone, all you have to do is look at that counter and you will know how many are with you. And, that is only a fraction of the times that you are in our thoughts and prayers throughout each day. Hoping that you can have a restful and peaceful Sunday! HUGS AND MORE HUGS!

  2. i love u Kayla you are the best person in the world and i cant wait to see you back at gslc!!!

  3. you rock Kayla!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I get goose bumps whenever i read your posts. It is absolutely terrific all the wonderful things they do for the families and the kids there. It sure is an amazing place filled with amazing people. I hope Sunday brings you more relaxation and fun. Lots of love!- Lannette

  5. Denny, I didn't know you were so crafty!! Makes sense with your work requiring a lot of creative putting together. Oh, I love that craft room...every post, so impressed with St. Jude's and all the careful attention that's been paid to the whole child and the family. Happy you had such a lovely day off. xxooAuntieAnn

  6. What a great family you have. Looks like so much fun. I am really happy you got a weekend off!!! You guys deserve it.

  7. It is so nice seeing you all enjoying yourself and having a nice week end after all you have been thru. Thinking of you all. Susie

  8. I absolutely LOVE seeing these photos of absolute quality Dad and Kayla time :). It's wonderful that during these moments, they can share moments of being together every single minute!!! I know Denny is loving this time, because he always says he's happiest "with his family". Annie, you gotta get in more pictures b/c it's quality time with you too! I love that my brother makes crafts, does back rubs, plays poker, pool, whatever Kays wants! He is every daughter's dream! Love you all.

  9. Best Dad Award goes to Denny & Best Mom Award goes to Annie!! Best Craft Award is a tie between Kayla & Denny. (C'mon Annie! Let's see your crafty side!) Hugs & high fives from The Fishes!