Monday, December 12, 2011

Harvest Eve & Moving Night

Today, Kayla did so GREAT! She didn't cry at all during her poke and blood draw. When the boy next to her was crying, he looked over at her with a "WHOA" expression as he saw she didn't look phased. How sad that she is getting so used to it all. Well, bitter-sweet really. She had a little nausea this morning and into the afternoon. Just before we left to go over to the Target House, we stopped off at the cafeteria for some food to take back with us. Kayla started getting really sick to her tummy. The smells are really hard on her. Before I knew it, her feet were stretched out as wide she she could get them and she was up-chucking all over the floor. Most people weren't phased. One mom came to help me after bringing me a bunch of barf bags to stuff in my purse for future. She said that Aloe Vera Juice REALLY helps w/ nausea and mouth sores. Good to know! Over all, she did great today though.

We're all moved in! Well, almost... I am trying to convince Denny that 6-7 weeks here is long enough to qualify unpacking his things and utilizing the closet space and dressers. I, for one, unpacked! And I unpacked Kayla. She picked out her bed and we promptly put the healing blanket on it. Kayla took a nice long bath tonight with Donna's help while Denny and I did a Kroger run. The only down side (and really, we can only find one) is that they don't stock you with any toiletries, toilet paper, paper towels or food. So, we had some stocking up to do. They do, however give you a $100 kroger gift card once a week to use. You call the shuttle and they drop you off. You have 45 minutes to shop and they are there to get you. It's a pretty shady part of town, so we decided tonight that if night runs must be made, it will be Denny that does the running! We got "home" and stocked the fridge. It felt SO good!! Kayla is all tucked in and we are ready for our long, loooong day tomorrow.  Our day starts at 7:45am and it will be a 12 hour day. Kayla will have her Double Lumen place and her Femoral Line. Then when she wakes up, her Pheresis will begin. She will have to lie on her back all day until about 5:00 or 6:00 pm. After, we will go to the medicine room (it's their ER) while her collected cells are taken to the lab and carefully counted to see if she has enough for all four rounds of Chemo. If not, she will have to stay over night in the hospital tomorrow night and they will start again Wednesday morning. This will take about 3 hours! Like I said......... LONG DAY. Yuck. :(

* Please pray that this "routine" procedure of placing the lines goes smoothly and no complications arise. Also, please pray that she is able to mobilize enough stem cells for all 4 treatments and we can come back to our TH (target house) to rest!

Our Address here at the Target House is:
Target House 1  Room# 508
1811 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104

Ok, here are the pics of our new temporary home until we go home on our 1 month break:

Kayla got to make some art for the wall! Can you spot the Angry Bird?

Kayla's Room (and a bed for AJ/Donna) :)

View from Kayla's window

Our cute little kitchen! (stocked w/ cooking supplies... just no food)

My Blog Station! This chair is MUCH better then the one I have at home.

"Master Bedroom"

Kung Fu Panda was on. Perfect!

Ok, I will post something quickly tomorrow once we know how it's all going. Good night all!


  1. Wow! That is a big place! You're right it is like a condo! I prayed for the things you asked us to pray about (I had to read it while praying so I got the wording right). Good luck tomorrow. I hope everything goes smoothly.

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  3. The Nelson family, Annie you and I have met a few times, are praying and sending big LOVE to all of you. We believe you will be stronger than ever!

  4. I'm sure it must feel so good to finally have a place to "settle" in for a little while, to give some stability to this otherwise crazy trip you're all on! Novato is abuzz with Dehnert news but I still look out for your blog post every night so I can "see" for myself. I watched this TV spot last night on St Judes - it was a holiday drive to get sponsorships and I was so overcome with how truly amazing and life-changing that place is! And how lucky Kayla is to be in such good hands. Even though all of Novato misses you, it seems like there is no better place for you guys to be right now.
    Thinking of you! Stay Strong!
    Erin S.

  5. Welcome to your new temp home! Looks very comfy. Cant wait for you guys to come back HOME! Good luck tomorrow. I am sure she will do great! xox

  6. Annie, I'm so happy things are going smoothly and that you're moved in and getting comfy. Keeping you all in my thoughts daily. Hugs!

  7. Your new temporary home is so lovely. They really go all out. I am so glad you are all settled in. I am so glad she had a chance to get out to the mall and enjoy all those wonderful things they put on for the kids. It really is amazing there. I am praying everything goes smoothly for her tomorrow. Love,Lannette

  8. Happy to hear that you can settle in to your own space for awhile.....All our best tomorrow and all the days ahead.....With tons of love to each and every one of you. I have never met Donna but it seems like I already know her! Much love to her for ALL of her support! Hugs and kisses from us to you! Gayle Hays and family

  9. Praying for just today with the stem cells! Kays is a warrior through and through. :) She will dominate! Love you all.

  10. Stay Stong Kayla! I am glad that you are all settled into your TH. Having a place to call your own even temporarily must be a small relief. I am sending positive thoughts your way for the scheduled procedures today. Here is to high enough cell counts on the first round. We are always thinking of you. Love always the Wu Family

  11. Kayla,

    That is one huge Christmas Tree there. I love it! And the hidden Angry Bird is so cute too!