Monday, December 5, 2011

Occupy Memphis

It's almost time to hit the sheets. Oh, how I will miss our sheets! We leave early in the morning with a layover in Dallas. Donna will be connecting with us in Dallas from LA and we will all fly into Memphis together. I am so glad that she will be there again for all of the hard parts to come. This next week will be so rough, no doubt. We are ready (I think!) for what comes. I think actually, we just want this over with!!! I will try and update tomorrow night once we get settled in if we aren't too exhausted. Lots to come soon!

Good night :)


  1. Have safe travels and I hope the first day goes smoothly. What timing today...I just wanted to drop the gift at the door and slip away to not disturb you...Kayla looks great and was very sweet. Hugs, Lannette

  2. Have a safe trip. I think about you all every day. I am so happy that you will be at the best place in the world to help Kayla get better. We will miss you this Chrismas but you are in our hearts. Stay Strong! Love, Teresa,Ava And Matthew

  3. Ahhh Annie~ you have no idea how proud I am to call you and Den family. Your strength, your positivity... everything. Kayla is going to hear how great she is doing from the people around her, no doubt, because she's AwEsOmE*! But from a parent's perspective... girl, you and Denny are absolute angels! Love and HUGS and sweet dreams :)

  4. Travel safe and STAY STRONG!!! We love you and are so happy that you are going to get such great support. Thank you again for sharing this journey with us. As always, we will be thinking of you and praying for you EVERY day!! Remember that when things are hardest, God is there carrying you. Hope Kayla was not in so much pain today! HUGS, HUGS and MORE HUGS!!!
    Love, Mike, Ari, Ava and Jake

  5. May your travels be safe and may you be enveloped by a warm welcome and the community of St. Jude's. Much love to you, Jayna

  6. Stay Strong! The entire Wu Family will be thinking about you and sending thoughts of strength your way. Have a safe trip there and remember that even when things seem dark, dawn will arrive soon. We love all of you.

  7. Have a FUN plane ride Kayla! It's been over 5 years since your first flight, and it's going to be so cool to be with your parents the whole time and even meet Donna on the way for the second plane. You are going to be meeting a new "family" @ St. Jude's and you will quickly make friends, I just know it!

    Denny & Annie, we will miss you guys so much, but just knowing that Kayla is going to get better is all I need to get through. It's not going to be easy, but together, you three will be Unbreakable! Call if you need ANYTHING sent/favor/whatever and I'll make it my priority #1. We will take very good care of Anthony too; this will be a very special time for us as well, being with each other so much.

    This Christmas will be one that we will all never forget for years to come. We will be sharing our "story" with many to give them hope when times are hard for them. You will be the new shining example @ St. Jude and the new angels to join the Team. GO TEAM KAYLA!!!!

    Look over your shoulder, we are right there with you all the way!

    Love, Hugs, & Bunches of Kisses,

    Neena & Baapaa
    (aka Gramma & Grampa, Mom & Dad)

  8. Safe travels and stay strong! xoxo

  9. Travel safe and stay strong! We hope Kayla is not feeling as much pain today. We are so proud of you, Dehnerts and will continue to send you strength, positive thoughts and energy. You are always in our hearts and are here for you if you need anything at all. Big hugs to you! Love, the Fujiwaras

  10. Praying for your continued strength and patience!
    Stay strong Kayla, Annie and Denny!

    Lots of love and BIG hugs,

    Lisa, Dan, Brittani and Sophie

  11. Annie, Denny and Kayla,

    All of Novato will be there with you in thought! We're all praying for the best and know that Kayla will be a strong little champ!

    Lots of love,
    Mike, Lynn, Melody and Harmony Shoop <3

  12. Kayla, Annie and Denny - We are with you in spirit and love, as you travel to St. Jude and every day forward, one day at a time. And now the extraordinary doctors, nurses and all helping folks at St. Jude will be with you every step of the way! Caring, healing love surrounds you.
    xxoo Auntie Ann and everyone here on the East Coast!