Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday, Dec 30

Today went pretty well! Today was truly the best "wake up" event yet. We also got word that soon Kayla will not be Prone anymore (meaning she can receive radiation on her back). We will be working with Amy from Child Life to try and get her ready for this. She will have to be completely still if she is to try it awake. Zero movement. Today, we almost hit our 1/2 way mark for radiation completion.  It was her 12th session.

We hung out all afternoon at the Target House. It was uneventful. We did go down to the Amy Grant room again to watch Toy Story 3 in blue ray. That movie is just SO good! Such a sweet story! :)

Kayla's hair is starting to really come out now. I am hesitant to shave it b/c on some kids with thick hair like hers, it just thins. We will wait and see. She is begging me to shave it bc the shedding is really annoying, but I explained that we will wait a bit more. She is concerned that Anthony will be freaked out when he sees her. I assured her that we will skype enough between now and when he arrives in just a few days that he won't be shocked at all.

Here is Kayla's journal entry for today. We keep encouraging her to write. It's very therapeutic. Mom should know ;) She read it all to us. When she got to the part about brushing her teeth, she explained that the rest is what she knows will happen. Too funny!

Yesterday, we got some tickets to go to the Liberty Bowl tomorrow. They were giving them out to SJ families. I have never been to a football game in my life. It's supposed to be 65 degrees and sunny! Such nice weather to be outside! That will be fun to go and see. I will bring my camera.

Then, it's time to start getting together some recipes for some fun New Years Eve yummies. I can't believe it's almost 2012! What are your plans?


  1. Having a quiet night tomorrow to end 2011. Wishing all postive, healing, and wonderful things for 2012 for you, Denny and the kids. xx Cate

  2. Cooking, getting ready to have the neighborhood families, local relatives and friends in New Year's Day. Wish you could all be with us. We send wishes for 2012 to be a year of healing, all good things and peace for you. It will be filled with love for you, lots of it coming from here. xxooAuntieAnn and the PA family

  3. I love that Kayla is keeping a journal! It is great to hear her perspective on things too! We are having a quiet New Year's Eve with just my dad and brother here for dinner. I hope you guys have a great New Year's!

  4. Hi :). I'm michelle's friend from Chico. I've been keeping up on you all over your blog and updates on Michelle's fb page. What a precious, yet so difficult I am sure, gift of this blog. Thank you so much for continuing to share the good and hard days with us out here. I've been praying and thinking much of Kayla and praying for easier days.

    Hmmm, my New Years...welcoming a friend of mine who is flying in from South Africa (who is S. African!) to visit me. We worked together it will be a reunion of sorts.

    Funny, you mentioned Amy Grant room at the Target house. She's one of my favorite singers!!

    praying in Chico,

  5. We will be thinking of and thanking God for you. You are all so beautiful. We are so impressed by Kayla's artwork and handwriting. She is such an artist! Love to you all and continuing prayers, Mary and Frank Hoburg

  6. I think Kayla will look beautiful with her new "un-hairstyle"! Beauty radiates from the inside!

    We're so glad you have home comforts there. Are you reading a lot? Picking up knitting again?

    Happy New Year! Hugs from PA!

  7. Wising you a fun day at the football game! Enjoy! You are thought of and prayed for, everyday! I think Anthony's visit is just what the doctor ordered! AJ will be the best medicine for his sissy! Happy New Year my dear friends! xoxoxox Karen B.

  8. I know we've said it before but thank you for writing this blog every step of the way. I am glad that Kayla is doing the same thing. It was awesome reading her journal entry. I have read that several times already because it makes me smile. Have a great time at the football game, perfect weather for that. Thinking of you guys tons and I will be wearing my Kayla Rose shirt again all day today. Lots of hugs and love to all of you!

  9. I have been so moved by your entries. Thank you for sharing this journey with us - it keeps me praying for all of you throughout every day. Love, Ann Telderer (a client of Vicki's)

  10. Was great to Skype with you all today! My eyes actually filled with tears when I saw Denny :(. I got choked up, so I didn't talk for a bit and just silently let it pass. I love you so much big bro and it shocked me how much I physically responded to not being able to see you for a while. When all this is done, we will need some major fam time with all of us reconnecting again. Happy Early New Year ! Nikki