Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1

Today was SUCH a gorgeous and warm day out here in Northern California. One would question my statement looking at Kayla in her hat and scarf, but I am not joking! Denny, Kayla and I made a trip to Marshalls for some big suitcases. The woman at the counter asked if we were going on Vacation. I don't know why, but I blurted out in a very even toned manor, "Well not exactly. We are going to St. Judes."  She then said excitedly, "Oh how fun!" I didn't say St. Thomas! (I wish!) We just walked out laughing. One of Kayla's grandma's aka "Neena" brought over a Ginger Bread House. They had a great time decorating it together. It's no secret that I am just happy I didn't have to do it!

Later on,  we had a couple of very special "surprise" visitors come by! This was a much needed visit filled with love and laughter. Kayla misses her teachers so much! We love you guys. Thank you so so much for coming by and for all of the goodies. I still can't get over that hat Shelley!  You are one crafty girl!

Mr. Weaver had a video that was just taken today of all the kids recording messages for Kayla. You have to love technology. I know... I am a little on the extreme side of that statement, but it really is amazing!

Ms. Sanborn (k's first grade teacher), Mrs. Boerio (k's 2nd grade teacher), and Mr. Weaver (K's reading teacher) I think Kayla truly feels like a celebrity now. What kid gets to show off their bedroom to their teachers? So cool! We love you guys!!!

What now?:
We are waiting for the confirmation that the pathology slides arrive in Tennessee tomorrow. If they do, then St. Judes will have all weekend to work on diagnosing her (again) and coming up with their treatment plan. We would then hear from them on Monday (surprise surprise!) as to when we will be heading to TN.

                             Anthony says that Puppy is packed and ready to GO!


  1. Yes, Annie it was a Good Day!

    Nice to spent some quality time with all of you, cause the weather wasn't only beautiful outside, it was also beautiful "inside".......everything flowed nicely today, and the Dehnert's House was filled with positive loving moments. Really fun to be a part of that, especially now.

    It was especially nice for her teachers to pay her a personal visit and keep her in touch with her class by the video. :) Very cool.

    Looks like AJ's ready to go! Everything's falling into place and is where it should be. I have such an amazing family!

    Cheri (aka Neena, Denny's Mama)

  2. whoops! Spelling error! "nice to SPEND".....geesh! gotta wear my reading glasses more I'm

  3. Omg! Kayla, is that a Huffalump you got??? Isabella would be jealous! ;)
    Looks like you all had a nice day! Wish we lived closer to share the time with you all. Maybe you will get a white Christmas in TN:)
    Love you! Tomaz, Diana and Isabella

  4. So sweet! Thank you for continuing to update us on your days. xoxo

  5. What a day :) St. Thomas HAHAHAHA! Right, you and I both wish we were tanning our buns instead! I love that you still have humor in tact, and are giggling and smiling along the way. Your smiles and courage is contagious! LOVE the hat, she is so beautiful!

  6. As you go on your way to St. Jude's, you will take with you the love of family & friends, and you will definitely be covered in our prayers. Travel safe! St. Jude's & Ronald McDonald House will take good care of you and your precious familiy. Sending love & hugs..Bobbie