Sunday, December 11, 2011

Magical Mall Trip

Tonight at around 6:30, St. Judes arranged for a huge bus to come and pick all of the patients and families up and take us all to the local mall. It was about a 20 minute bus ride. We arrived and the mall was all lit up for us. The kids were SO excited!!! Some kids were in wheel chairs. Some wore their hospital masks to prevent infection if their counts were low. There was a big carousel right when you entered and all of the animals were decorated for Christmas. There was even one deer dressed up as Rudolph! It was really cute. Kayla loved it and rode on it 3 times.

Just before the carousel ride, Kayla got a cute little snowflake painted on her cheek!

We headed downstairs past the DJ so we could see Santa.

The staff was just awesome. I couldn't believe they put ALL of this on at zero cost to all of us. There was pizza donated from Whole Foods. Hot Chocolate from Starbucks. They had Make A Wish there giving prizes away too. Kayla got a really cute Bear that is so soft. It was the biggest prize. She was really proud.

Finally we talked her into trying out the sky jump. She was nervous because of her neck, but we took it really slow. She LOVED it. Shortly after that it was time to head back to St. Judes.

It's now after 11:00. Donna is giving Kayla a neck massage (which is REALLY helping her range of motion!) We will turn in in just a few. I just really wanted to share! Kayla has an appointment early tomorrow morning at 7:00am. We are hoping to have enough time tomorrow to take the trolly into down town. We are really enjoying getting out and about. It's doing wonders for Kayla's spirit!
The backside of the helpers shirts. They were awesome and so sweet to us all!
Good night All!!


  1. Looks like a magical evening for you all!!!

  2. The "looks like a magical evening for you all" post was from me - Gayle H.

  3. What an incredible night--and those shirts! Totally love 'em.

  4. AMAZING! ! ! Awesome....just beautiful. What a
    wonderful place. I knew it was great, but really had no idea of the magnitude of blessings. I hope more people will understand how amazing St.Jude's is. Can see now why Kayla asked if you were on vacation. So coool.
    LOVE those shirts! !
    Dianne (Donna's Momo)

  5. WOW what a wonderfully majestic amazingly perfect in every way possible EVENT. What a moment in time, as though it stopped, although tomorrow brings large hurdles, you are "SEIZING the MILESTONES" making the time count when you can. Thank you St. Jude's and your community for taking care of one of our own, mind, body and spirit! OK so since you know me so well how do I get one of those shirts I LOVE THEM!

  6. Wow! How cool! It looks like a magical night for the kids! I am glad they do stuff like this to, as you said, "get their spirits up". A nice break from the hospital.

  7. Wow! so sweet, what a wonderful place! I love the saying on the back of the red shirt. My prayers and thoughts are always with you all.

  8. What an experience! We love you guys!

  9. It really changes the emotions around the donations we all see at different retail stores. I wish we knew before all that St. Judes does, there is so much behind the scenes that is untold until you have to live it.
    I know you are loving how clean everything is:)
    Love from Novato