Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a temporary home

 We are HERE!!!!

Saying, "See you soon!"
The day went pretty much as expected. Our flight landed safely. Yada yada. Skip to the good stuff.
Ok, I will :)

Once we got off of the plane and headed towards baggage, there was a huge sign in neon advertising for St. Judes. It took our breath away.  I had to snap a quick picture:

So cool!!!
In the baggage claim area, we were greeted by a St. Jude Shuttle driver.  There was a sweet little girl in our shuttle only 5 years old. She was arriving for her "maintenance" appointment. She has been C-Word free for 3 years now. One thing the mom told us is that, "it gets easier". It was in the tone of her voice... I knew she was right. This is going to be an incredible place.

About 20 mins. later we arrived at St. Judes! It is close to the airport which is so nice. We went in to the hospital which isn't like a hospital at all! The walls have paintings and everything is so bright and cheery! In the waiting room, there are bean bag chairs with video games. I could go on and on. Now that I know that it's ok to take pictures, I will take lots tomorrow. There are signs everywhere saying no cameras so I was afraid to take a picture tonight. The nurse told me though that as long as it's of Kayla (or if we have the other parents permission) we can take all the pictures we want. SO... I will! It's INCREDIBLE here!!!!!!!!!

Once checked in, we went into the "medicine room" to have the doctor on call check Kayla out. Ok, the nurses are AWESOME!!!!!! They played rock, paper, scissors and had kayla cracking up. We kept walking around with our jaws dropped at this place. Then the doctor came in. Dr. Ross. He was so fun! He was hysterical. He went over some things to expect tomorrow.  It's going to be a busy day, but nothing too traumatic.

Our room is sooooo nice!!! It's like a small hotel room. There are two queen beds. A couch. Two TV's w/ dvd players. A small dining table. Granite counter tops. It's so nice! We will only be at the grizzly  house for 2 nights (estimate). Then, when we get transferred into the Ronald McDonald house, we will have an address. I will post it. No worries :)

It's super late. We have to be up early tomorrow. All is great here so far. Kayla is exhausted, but in a really happy mood. No pain tonight at all! I can't wait to update tomorrow with some awesome pics.

For now, we are safe and sound. All is well. Anthony was asleep when we called, but he is doing great. We will call him tomorrow for sure!  Ok, night night everyone.......


  1. I'm glad you made it there ok. Thanks for the update. Love the pictures. Susie

  2. You have arrived! I love that you're feeling so welcome and well cared for already (and love the new blog title/header!). Sweet dreams to all!

  3. So happy to hear you all have arrived and are settling in. Stay strong and positive!
    Love and BIG hugs,

  4. Sleep tight Dehnerts! We love you...xox Thalia

  5. Wow! It looks amazing there! We are so glad you arrived safely. Stay strong and remember we are all sending positive thoughts your way! Love you all, Tomaz, Diana and Isabella

  6. Hooray! Everything awesome! Dr. Ross - Is he Dr. Bob Ross who did his residency 30 years ago at Children's Hospital Philadelphia? He'd remember Willie, for sure. Thanks for all the pictures! xxooAuntieAnn

  7. Wow! Everything sounds too good to be true! I am ecstatic that the place is so wonderful for you all. :) It's great to read good news from this blog!! :) Miss you all already....xoxo!! I love you all so very much and will always be checking this blog for my family updates!

  8. Grizzly House looks amazing compared to our hospital digs in California.
    And it sounds like everyone has a great attitude too; you made the right choice for our angel, Denny & Annie. Positive attitude is everything. Stay strong for what's to come, and just take it a step at a time. Probably feels good to have trust in who's taking care of the recovery process, yes? That's what I'm thinking. (I still wish I could have taken you all to the airport.....it's a Mom thing.....maybe I'll just pick you up instead?) Whatever works, I'm IN for Team Kayla. I love you!


  9. So great to hear that you landed safely and have some nice accommodations. And Kayla must have been thrilled to see SNOW! Love you guys, Tracy
    PS Stay strong, flower girl!

  10. What a Blessing to know you are in such loving and capable hands back there. You all are in our thoughts and prayers throughout each day. Stay
    strong and keep your eyes on Jesus who will carry
    you through all of what lies ahead.
    We love you much!
    Dianne (Donna's Mom)

  11. You guys look great!! Its almost as if you are all on an adventure. Obviously not one you would have picked, but still an adventure. That is so awesome that you guys are going to the best place for Kayla. She is very lucky to have you as parents, and for Donna as a great God Mom. It sounds like an amazing place. The children's hospital near me is just like that as well. They make it SO fun for kids, it distracts them at the worst times of their life. Making the positive atmosphere canceling out the negative experience regarding procedures and stuff. Its such a blessing. I rest assure you all are in great hands and that you will have a great support system. Take care of yourselves!!! Love Krysta

  12. Each day through your journey of powerful faith and love I feel myself expanded and incredibly enriched. Thank you!
    Feel our circle of prayer and honor. Love, Mary and Frank Hoburg

    PS: Donna is an angel. I love and embrace her mother's words. So beautiful, just like all of you. God bless.

  13. you are in an amazing place for sure :). soak up the love :).
    praying, Stacy (kids bmt nurse)