Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I have to say, Santa did pull off some magic here in Memphis. Thanks to that car and a lot of love from friends and people we don't even know yet, Kayla had a wonderful Christmas filled with surprises and lots of love.  Like most of you with little ones, we were up nice and early. I have added a lot of pictures for this post. It was hard not to. It tells the story so much better then I could!
This was our tree this year. It will be SO easy to take down!
Kayla got a matching Angry Bird t-shirt and necklace with her buddies Claire and Antonia. She misses them so much!
Kayla SCORED with some new friends from Novato who work for Pixar! Thank you for all the awesome gear!!! This was SO kind :)

Mrs. Clause came through on the light up shoes. Kayla was so happy!
Check out the shoulder buddy. His name is Breezee. He sits on your shoulder (held on by a magnet disc that is under the shirt) to listen and be there if you are having a hard day. So cool! Santa found him at the St. Jude gift shop.
 Our new beautiful Crystal guardian angel. Kayla LOVES her!
 Angry Pigs!
 "loop-de-loop earrings" as she asked Santa for
 The AWESOME bike that Kayla's buddies Megan and Claire picked out for her. She was wondering what the helmet was for! She is SO excited to see it in person. What a generous and amazing gift! Thank you so so much!

 Loving all the books. This girl LOVES to read!
 I just loved this shot. So cute with Breezee ;)
 Denny reading the book that his sister Nicole wrote and her husband Geoff illustrated! SO cool!!
 Kayla admiring some of her new things in the mirror. She loves them so much!
 Ok, we thought we had done pretty good! We even had all the trash cleaned up and then the "Target Santa" came by to drop of this huge bag of toys. I was in the shower but Den said that they came inside while Kayla opened it with a flip video. Some of it we will donate to kids who didn't get anything. Nothing like giving back! It's just not fair to have gotten so much when so many got nothing at all. I will be on the hunt for local places tomorrow. Who needs 3 lunch boxes? There were two back packs as well.  VERY sweet though! We didn't expect that at all.
After we finished cleaning up the next mess, we decided to go downstairs to the Amy Grant music room and watch Kung Fu Panda 2(Kayla's favorite movie these days). I took a nap. :)

 This is the Amy Grant Christmas tree. She decorated it!
 Amy's actual lyrics as she came up with them. I love that she donated these too! Awesome :)
 Not a bad place to watch a movie on Christmas! Anthony is going to LOVE this room too.

After the movie was over, and I had my power nap, we decided (with my coaxing) to take a drive and see some other parts of the town we hadn't been to yet. We even drove down to the famous Beal Street. We will have to park and actually walk up and down it next time. It was all blocked off. Not sure if they always block it off or if it was just today. We shall find out! It looked fun though!
Kayla was getting really hungry and only wanted a burrito. Well, there aren't too many places open on Christmas, let alone places that sell burritos. We found a little place not too far away and popped in. It was no Tommy's Salsa, but she got her burrito fix. :)
We had some awesome FB video chats with our families today and now the day is over. We have tomorrow off too. How is it we hardly did anything and I still feel so tired?! We hope you all have had a wonderful holiday filled with love and magical memories. Good Night!


  1. Merry Christmas (again) to you all! It was wonderful to share the precious moments this morning with you and feel the love.........Sounds like the rest of the day was lots of fun too. G'nite & sweet dreams!!


  2. Merry Christmas! Hugs to you all. So glad Kayla had a nice Christmas. -Lannette

  3. Merry Christmas to you all! It's so nice to see the holidays treated you all well, especially Kayla! She deserves it! Give her a big kiss!
    Love, Tomaz, Diana and Isabella

  4. Looks like Kay's got showered with gifts!!! So sweet. Funny story-I saw those sneakers at the store and fell in love with them, they had kayla written all over em! Santa's got good taste :)

  5. Wow! My heart just grew one size! Many blessings to your family <3

    Cassie Stanley